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SLIPS® Foul Protect™ Marine Additives

Barnacles, mussels, and micro-organisms that stick to boat hulls is an ongoing and costly nuisance for commercial and recreational boaters. Any buildup of biofouling leads to increased drag, greater fuel costs, and higher maintenance costs.

To address this persistent biofouling problem, AST has developed proprietary surface-active polymers that can significantly improve the biofouling performance of marine hull paints.  Our modular additive design works in multiple binder systems, with or without an active biocide.  These high-performance additives will enable commercial foul-release coatings to continue to displace conventional copper anti-fouling coatings—reducing operational costs through fuel savings and reducing the overall carbon footprint of commercial shipping.

SLIPS® Dolphin™ Bottom Paint

AST used these novel SLIPS® Foul Protect™ additives to launch an entirely new kind of bottom paint for recreational boats of all sizes, called SLIPS® Dolphin™ Bottom Paint. When submerged in water, this innovative paint creates an ultra-smooth, slippery surface that organisms can’t attach to. The paint lasts multiple seasons, so you don’t have to worry about painting your boat every year. And unlike most existing products on the market today, SLIPS® Dolphin™ Bottom Paint doesn’t contain any biocides and is environmentally friendly.

Save Fuel

Customers who use SLIPS® Dolphin™ see an 8% increase in fuel savings over traditional anti-fouling solutions. For the summer weekend warrior, that’s nearly $1,000 in savings.

Multi-Season Performance

With proper care SLIPS® Dolphin™ can last multiple boating seasons, so you won’t have to paint your boat every year.

Environmentally Friendly

SLIPS® Dolphin™ contains zero biocides and is safe for the environment. 

17 Month Study Validates SLIPS® Dolphin™ Superior Real-World Performance

Globally Tested Performance

To ensure SLIPS® Foul Protect™ works in all types of waters and environments, our team field tested the product in multiple locations around the globe. 

SLIPS® Testing Sites

See SLIPS® Dolphin™ in Action

SLIPS® SeaClear

SLIPS® Sea Clear® also tackles the persistent problem of biofouling. However, the coating is transparent, and is perfect for submerged cameras, lighting, windows, and other sensors that require a clear coating.

SLIPS® Sea Clear® is a two-component coating that cures after mixing and applying. It is available for purchase directly from AST in quart or gallon quantities.