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SLIPS® for Industrial Applications

An Innovation in Efficiency

The SLIPS® Repel system consists of 1) a polymeric coating that is applied to the vessel walls and 2) a liquid lubricant layer that is held in place by the polymeric substrate, enabling the coating to remain permanently wet. Viscous liquids easily slide off of the lubricant layer, leaving no residue behind.

The entire SLIPS® Repel system can be applied and replenished using commercial spray equipment.

Reduce Waste

SLIPS® Repel delivers value to its users by reducing lost product and cutting down on cleaning costs. Testing has shown that vessels coated with SLIPS® Repel can be drained completely, with no product left behind as residue. The immediate payoff of salvaging saleable product is compounded by additional savings from decreased detergents, rinse water, and general process waste.

Increased Uptime

By reducing waste and dramatically decreasing the need for constant cleaning, industrial processes using SLIPS® Repel can reduce cycle time and increase overall production without having to expand capacity.

SLIPS® Repel

Designed for large industrial liquid containers, SLIPS® Repel coatings feature a liquid layer that allows sticky fluids (e.g. paints, liquid adhesives, lotions) to easily flow through production systems with virtually no residue left behind. This significantly reduces downtime caused by cleaning processes and product changeovers, creating increased throughput and production uptime, while minimizing cleaning chemicals and wastewater.

SLIPS® Repel is an innovative, nanotextured coating that can be applied to almost any liquid containing vessel. If required, AST can also customize the proprietary liquid layer technology to target particularly challenging fluids.


SLIPS® Repel Tank Installation

SLIPS® vs. Paint

Interested in SLIPS® Repel™ Sample Containers for Testing?